We all have time to be creative!

It's not very often that I have time on my hands. In fact it never really happens at all. If I'm not designing or making fused glass, I'm cooking, baking cakes, cleaning, doing DIY, caring for my family, the dog, my cats, my chickens and my ducks.

It's often said that COVID-19 has changed everything. Well it has given me a chance to put my creative instincts to different uses. I hate waste and have boxes full of old clothes and fabric which I knew I would find a use for eventually. I decided the dog and cats deserved a bedding upgrade, so they were among the first to benefit.

So now there still isn't a spare minute in the day! How will I cope when we're back to new normal? I'm sure I'll all find a way. My advice to all of you is be positive and make the most of the opportunities that a bit of extra time provides. Think of what you like most in your life and then make space for more of it. Just please don't start baking. I can't get flour as it is!

If you're still at work, whether working in the NHS or in other essential roles, thank you so much. We are all so grateful. We mustn't ever take you for granted again.

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